Choose your clothing – Choose your design – We print it on the spot!

What PMG will do at your event?

We come to your location with our mobile unit. We bring blank clothing such as t-shirts, hoodie, sweatpants, headband, tank tops and other accessories. We post a board with logos related to that event and lot of fun designs related to your sport. Customer will choose their clothing, choose their design, and we print it on the spot.

How much space does this require?

Typically we need about 3-4 tables for smaller event. 4-6 tables for larger events with 2 outlets on separate breakers to operate our equipment.

How much does it cost?

There will be no cost to you to have us at your event. It is a fundraiser for your organization!

What percentage does our organization receive for commission?

You will receive 15% of profit after taxes.

Can participants pre-order their shirts?

Yes! We can supply you with an online page where we can take per orders for your event t-shirts.

Call now – 902-431-3580 or view our other contact information to learn more.

On-site printing in action!