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We have access to a wide variety of apparel. Take a look at some of items we have access to below.

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Apparel Suppliers

Ash City www.ashcity.com  Jackets, Golf Clothing, Shirts, Vests, Pants, etc.

Alstyle www.alstyle.com T-Shirts, Fleece, Cheer Shorts, Pants Headwear.

Canada Sportswear www.canadasportswear.com  Sportswear, Jackets.

Concord Garments www.concordgarment.com Melton-Leather Jackets, Canvas & All Leather.

Kobe www.kobesportswear.com Sportswear, Wind suits, Fleece, Bags, Hockey Apparel, Golf Wear.

Rebel Apparel www.rebelapparel.com Baby Tees, Ringer shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Yoga Gear.  Canadian Made.

Sanmar www.sanmarcanada.com Jackets, Golf clothing, Hoodie, T-Shirts, Work Shirts  Tank Tops

Technosport www.Technosport.com T-shirts, Golf Shirts Vest, Sweatpants etc. Shirts, Vests, Pants, etc

Teamco  www.teamcosportswear.com Ultra Wick Jersey, Minimesh Tank Top, Ultra Wick Shorts ect.

Saxon Athletic wear www.saxonathletic.com Jersey, Shorts, Wind Suits ect.

Saxon Leather www.saxonleather.com is the leader in Leather, Wool / Leather Jackets, and fine corporate apparel in North America. Proudly Canadian.

Stormtech www.stormtech.ca Performance Outwear, Corporate casual , Fleece, Athletic Suits ect

Westmount Distributors www.westmountdist.on.ca Aprons, Bandanas, Shirts, Socks, Towels, T-Shirts, Sporting Goods, Sportswear)


Debco www.debcosolutions.com Sports Bags, Tote Bags, Valises, Umbrellas.

Ecorite www.ecorite.com Tote Bags, Aprons, and More.


AJM Headwear www.ajmintl.com Caps, Shirts, Towels, Smocks, Scarves.

Fersten Worldwide www.fersten.com Caps, Shirts, Towels, Smocks, Scarves – Kobe Sportswear Inc.

Work Wear

www.bigbill.com/ Work Wear, Coveralls, High Visibility, Industrial, Cargo Pants, Flannel Shirts, Jeans, Painter Wear, Bibs, Overalls ect.

www.wearwellgarments.com Coveralls/Overalls , Chef Wear, Aprons, Freezer Wear, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Shop Coats ect. (Canadian Made)

Sports/ Team wear

Canada Sportswear www.canadasportswear.com Sportswear, Jackets.

Teamco www.teamcosportswear.com  Ultra Wick Jersey, Minimesh Tank Top, Ultra Wick Shorts ect.

Sexon Athletic wear www.saxonathletic.com Jersey, Shorts, Wind Suits ect.

Kobe Sportswear www.kobesportswear.com Sportswear, Wind Suits, Fleece, Bags, Hockey Apparel, Golf Wear.

Pizzazzwear www.pizzazzwear.com Sports Bras, Cheer Socks, Sport Tops, Shorts & Tights, Skirts (skorts), Pants, Body Basics.

Soffee www.soffe.com Warm up Jackets, Soffe Shorts, Tank Tops, Cheer Skorts, ect.

Alleson Cheer www.allesoncheerleading.com Customize your Uniform, Warm-ups, Body Wear, Poms Practice Wear, Cheer Accessories, Socks, Bags.

Dehen  www.dehencheer.com Teamwear, Custom Uniforms, Warm-up, Jackets, Dance, Accessories, Pom-Poms, Shoes, Hair accessories, Socks, Make-up.

Canadian Union Apparel canadianunionapparel.com T-shirts, Ladies Tops, Sports Shirts, Fleece Sweatshirts, Outerwear, Safety wear.

Canadian Made Apparel

Saxon Leather www.saxonleather.com is the leader in Leather, Wool / Leather Jackets, and fine corporate apparel in North America. Proudly Canadian.

Stanfield www.stanfields.com  T-Shirts, Fire Resistant Clothing, Sportwear, Underwear, Men’s socks, Winter Underwear. Canadian Made.

Jym Line Products www.jymline.com China, Glassware, Beakers, Mugs, etc. Nova Scotian

Wear Well Garments www.wearwellgarments.com Dress Shirts, Polo Shirts, Pants, Aprons, Fleece, Outer Wear, Health & Wellness Garments, Hospitality Uniforms, Chef Wear, Shop Coats, Coverall & Overalls, Freezer Wear, and Fire Resistant Garments. Made In Nova Scotia.